Mold Inspection

With the Check-It-Gauge it is quick and easy to ensure that a core pin head is flush or below the bottom of an insert surface.
Core Pin Head Height
Before shipping a mold, establish that the return pins are flush or below the parting line.
Checking Return Pin Height
Also, check that all inserts are at the correct height in relation to the parting line.


Matching Insert to Parting Line
Verify that the parting line ejector pins match the parting line height in order to prevent flash or damage to the stationary side of the mold.
Parting Line Ejector Pin
Examine the core pin to make certain that its standing height matches the mating shutoff cavity depth.
Core Pin Shutoff Height
Compare how well the rib detail matches with the rest of the parting line.
Rib Detail Matching to Parting Line
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