Special Applications

To check the second upper shutoff angle a combination of two roll pins can be used. The roll diameters can be added to a CAD drawing to obtain the step height.
Double Angle Roll Pin Measure
Another application for checking the depth of a shutoff that has two angles is to use a roll pin and Check-It-Gauge.
Checking Roll Pin Height
This is an example of a 5 degree shutoff being inspected by using a roll pin and Check-It-Gauge.
Checking Angle with Roll Pin
If the reach from the plate edge to the point of measurement is too great, gauge blocks can be added. To achieve a higher degree of accuracy, calculate the exact combination of gauge blocks and a roll pin to extend to the edge of the plate. Then a comparative measurement can be taken to verify a zero distance.
Depth with Roll Pin & Gauge Block(Click images to enlarge)

Comparative Measurements

Zeroing out the Check-It-Gauge to a preset group of gauge blocks is an accurate way of doing comparative measurements.
Preset to Gauge Block Height
Showing the reverse of the above, the gauge blocks are placed under the base of the Check-It-Gauge. This allows for you to make accurate comparative measurements below the reference plane* surface.
Preset to Gauge Block Depth(Click images to enlarge)
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